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Sandi Athey - Intuitive Business Advisor for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. ~Chinese Proverb

The one constant is change.

The choices you make while navigating through transition is crucial to your success. That’s where I come in. Through my connections and experience, I am able to obtain useful information to help guide you to choices that best serve you and your business. Is this home or office space right for me? Is it a healthy environment? Build, buy or rent? Time to sell? Time to move? Will the the deal go through? Did the inspector miss something? Why won’t that property move?

Fate: Allowing others and or circumstances to dictate your future.
Destiny: Making deliberate choices to create your future. I tune into your specific frequency to determine how your energy resonates with a particular choice. Or to easily determine what is holding you back in making your decision. When in alignment…Destiny follows!

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