When the winds of change blow,
some people build walls
and others build windmills.

~Chinese Proverb

The one constant is change.

Fate: Allowing others and or circumstances to dictate your future.

Destiny: Making deliberate choices to create your future. I tune into your specific frequency to determine how your energy resonates with a particular choice. Or to easily determine what is holding you back in making your decision. When in alignment…Destiny follows!


From Tragedy to Triumph…

Sandi Shares A Message of Healing and Forgiveness for Victims of Sexual Assault

While working late one night . . .

One life ended and new one began. Sandi’s story of rebirth and renewal after a brutal attack left her near death. Sandi’s journey back is now a film by Roaring Pictures. This True Crime drama is a testament to the woman who experienced the worst of life only to bring joy and hope forward to others. We hope you’ll take a look at this remarkable story of love and healing, watch The Sandi Connection

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Let’s Talk Relationships . . .

“One shoe can change your life.”

We are in relationships with everything and everyone in the Universe. How you choose to connect is how the relationship will be. When you are scared of romance, you need to look inside for what is askew in your heart and soul. More

Pet Puzzles? We can help.

Family means different things to different people. The truth is, we are all family. Sometimes our pets are trying to tell us something through their actions. If your pet is acting differently, you can bet there is a puzzle there for you to solve for them. Humans, animals, plants, the earth, the sun, the sky – everything is connected to everything else. Animals are companions, teachers, friends, and family. More

In Business and Life, Good Advice is Priceless . . .

Don’t Go It Alone. . .

In today’s competitive market, no athlete or sales executive who wanted to reach the peak of their field would ever go it alone: they have a coach. A coach tells you things your best friend would never tell you with one goal in mind: improve your performance. Sandi Athey achieved a six figure income in an extremely aggressive market: insurance sales. More

The Daily Dance by Sandi Athey

A Sweet Guide to Staying In the Present Moment.

How does Sandi Athey handle the issues that come with daily life? One moment at a time. Learn how to live and let live, how to forgive yourself and others and recognize happiness right in front of you. With Gratitude and Grace, Sandi leads us through The Daily Dance. Get your autographed copy today. 

 Girls, We Need To Talk...

These are a Few of My Favorite Things. . .

Glowing skin, strong nails, shiny hair, vibrant energy, toned muscles, clear eyes, all outcomes from living an organic lifestyle. I hope you noticed the six elements of beauty listed here. Gone are the days where choosing to be organic meant expensive or rough and tumble. I’ll share how I restored my health and rejuvenated my beauty routine to include the good stuff. More

Meet the Woman Behind the Magic.

There’s more to Sandi Athey than meets the eye. A successful Insurance sales professional when a tragic event stole the life she had and the Universe put her on a different path. Today, she is living her happily ever after and can help you get to life’s sweet spot by letting you see what’s holding you back from what you really want.  More