Life not going as planned?
Learn what’s holding you back with Sandi Athey!
A “True” Broadcast Professional!

sandi_athey_in_the_mediaFor over a decade, Sandi has been riveting the airwaves with her charm, quick wit and spot on reads.  She hosted the Psychic Healing Radio Show on WCBM in Baltimore for 7 years and has been featured on hundreds of shows in the United States and internationally. 

An in-demand guest for radio and television, Sandi is the longest running regular guest on the Charlie, Ernie and Lisa Show on WVMT in Burlington, VT (15 years running) and has helped hundreds of people find their lost keys and lost dreams.

Her love of the Universe and desire to share her extraordinary gift, make the perfect combination for any media venue.

I must tell you how much I enjoy listening to your radio program on WCBM. It must give you great satisfaction to be able to use your psychic powers to help people. Thank you so much for speaking with me. I am very appreciative!
~Ethel L.
Baltimore, MD

Thank you for a wonderful session! You are so professional, I love that. And the best part is your sincerity and honesty. Please feel my love and gratitude thru this e-mail.
Shari S.
Columbia, MD

I just heard you for the first time on the radio. God bless you. Your strength and courage is a beacon for me! 
Roy H. 
Annapolis, MD

I have to compliment you on the kindness, compassion and good humor you show to your callers. If you have ideas regarding state government, please e-mail me at any time.
Kumar P. Barve Majority Leader 
Annapolis, MD

I really enjoyed our time together and felt uplifted after I left. You are truly gifted and I appreciate your insight and support.
Fred B. CCBC

I have to admit I was just listening to you on the Charlie and Ernie show and I’m very impressed. Keep up the good work! 
Rob C. 
Burlington, VT

Thank you so much for taking all of our calls and questions each week. I love listening in to the show! 
Naomi Hunt 
Valley, MD

I heard you for the first time today on Charlie and Ernie’s Show. You were wonderful. I was the gal that called about career changes. ~Catherine C.
Public Relations Director/Champlain Echoes

I am retiring from the Baltimore Police Department after 25 years and 11 months. Still listen to your show. Keep up the good work!!!
Lt. Joseph A. Peters 
Baltimore, MD

I look forward to your show every Saturday night on WCBM. You have a gentle, soothing way of conveying the truth in a non-judgmental way. Thank you.
~Mary R. Baltimore, MD

I think having Sandi on your show is great! She may not be right 100% of the time, but she had me right! 
Valerie P. 
Colchester, VT

I listen to your show often, and you are right on the button with your messages.
Eddie B. Placement Specialist 

I listen to you on WVMT, and your talents amaze me. It’s no wonder Charlie and Ernie have you as their longest running regular guest! Gen G. 
Montreal, Canada

You are providing so much more than a service for a fee! Thank you! 
Kelly W. 
Falls Church, VA

It was amazing how Sandi perfectly "saw" my work situation. After our brief chat, I felt empowered to conquer the career blahs. My mindset and my day today was much better after talking with Sandi. Thank you!
Los Angeles, CA

If everyone could have the amazing outlook on life you have and have a heart like you the world would be a better place. Thank you for being so dependable!
Jen Pittsburg, PA

Thank you for your time this morning on Charlie and Ernie. You were right on on the paperwork part of my job and I’ll try to get myself more organized;’) Thanks again!
John Burlington, VT

Hello Sandi
I had the good fortune this morning to tune in to your guest appearance on WVIE in Baltimore. I was struck by several things – not necessarily in order of magnitude:

I greatly admired your verbal communication skills. I am involved in Toastmasters International, and am sensitive to and appreciate the ability to effectively convey ideas. And, in the time that I listened, not once did you say "uh". That’s quite a feat.
I was intrigued by your wholistic approach to things – and how our choices and decisions affect our lives.

I was amazed by your perception to some callers’ conditions – for example the woman who had injured her foot in an auto accident.

I am facing a decision that I am seeking help with. This decision will affect at least two people, and perhaps many more, depending on the way it goes. I have seen a Counselor; and she agrees with my inclination. But, I’m being very careful in that perhaps she only heard my side of the matter and I was not objective.
I think that I heard you say that you have days or hours that you work with clients, preferably by telephone. am not interested in calling into your show, but would be more than willing to retain you for a personal session.

Thank you,

To Whom It May Concern:
I am taldng this opportunity to commend the work of Sandi Athey. Over the past several years, Sandi and I have shared clientele. I have seen, therefore, the results of her work on her clients and on my patients.

Reports from these consumers are uniformly positive. They laud her skills and her manner. More than one has been amazed at her insights and her ability. I share these opinions and, additionally, I find her to be most approachable. She is able to integrate many forms of healing into her recommendations, sending her clients to the practitioner most able to continue healing the client.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.

F. Steven Baron, D.C.