• Understanding Your Needs in Relationships
  • Defining Your Wants vs Needs
  • Mending a Broken Heart
  • Choosing a Partner Right for You
  • Getting Clear on Your Heart’s Desires
  • Going for the Gold: Happily Ever After

Let’s Talk Relationships…

We are in relationships with everything and everyone in the Universe. How you choose to connect is how the relationship will be. When you have an “eating disorder”, your connection to food is out of balance. When you are scared of romance, you need to look inside for what is askew in your heart and soul.Remember the law of attraction – how you see and feel about yourself is what you attract. When you feel healthy and your body is strong, all you want to eat is food that nurtures and supports that. Love is very confident. Love is very gentle. Taking care of your soul, your mind, your emotions, and your body will, by the laws of nature, attract the same back to you. Whether it’s food,exercise, friends, or romantic involvement – every connection will be strong and healthy when you are strong and healthy. Like attracts like.

Sandi helps her clients in discovering the blocks to a happy and healthy relationship. By shifting the focus to all the things that make you happy, with Sandi’s guidance you create a road map for finding your happily ever after.

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2PhotoshopImages-8Fate: Allowing others and/or circumstances to dictate your future.
Destiny: Making deliberate choices to create your future.

Sandi connects with your specific frequency to determine how your energy resonates with a particular choice. Or to easily determine what is holding you back in making your decision. When in alignment…Destiny follows!

Hi, Sandi,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart. In one hour you helped me gain insights into MY ENTIRE LIFE. I went to bed feeling giddy and feel so greatly relieved today. You are such a blessing!

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“The first session with Sandi put me on the right path and I saw immediate results. Now I am focused and on the way to exceeding my goals.”

Kelly W

“Working with Sandi provided me with a great deal of insight into my career, and other areas of my life. She was dead on and her accuracy was incredible. If you are unsure of your life’s path or need some REAL insight, I recommend a reading with Sandi”.

Michael Leigh-Vocalist
The Reagan Years