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Trouble with the Close?

In business, as in life, we are constantly working towards a “close”. A new job, an engagement, a home, a sale, a date, a contract…we’re all aiming towards completion of our goal.  When it’s not connecting, there is obviously something in the way! Whether you are the listing or buying realtor, the owner or potential purchaser, understanding the energy around the sale paves the way for a good experience for all involved. Curious? I’m happy to schedule an introductory virtual remote viewing of the property (15-20 minutes). Just click on the button to the left and we’ll set up an appointment.
Call me and we’ll identify the blocks and how to get through them. Here are some common questions I’m asked:
  • Is this home or office space right for me?
  • Is it a healthy environment?
  • Build, buy or rent?
  • Time to sell? Time to move?
  • Will the deal go through?
  • Did the inspector miss something?
  • Why won’t that property move?

2PhotoshopImages-8Fate: Allowing others and/or circumstances to dictate your future.
Destiny: Making deliberate choices to create your future.

Sandi connects with your specific frequency to determine how your energy resonates with a particular choice. Or to easily determine what is holding you back in making your decision. When in alignment…Destiny follows!

Hi, Sandi,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart. In one hour you helped me gain insights into MY ENTIRE LIFE. I went to bed feeling giddy and feel so greatly relieved today. You are such a blessing!

Thank you,

“The first session with Sandi put me on the right path and I saw immediate results. Now I am focused and on the way to exceeding my goals.”

Kelly W

“Working with Sandi provided me with a great deal of insight into my career, and other areas of my life. She was dead on and her accuracy was incredible. If you are unsure of your life’s path or need some REAL insight, I recommend a reading with Sandi”.

Michael Leigh-Vocalist
The Reagan Years